Everybody on the planet wants to feel fearless. Keep in mind that fearlessness is not possible. You will always have fears.

This proves that fear is not going away. But you can create a mindset where “I don’t care” to overcome it. That’s the only way you can beat your fears.

Fears will be there, but you can still face your fears and take courageous action.

Fearlessness is a Habit

My college was my first presentation. I was terrified that the audience would kill me. After presenting it several more times, I felt confident.

You will feel scared when you try something new.

You can conquer your fears by facing them and doing it again and again.

8 Ways to Overcome Fear

You must be as confident as Tom Cruise if you want to feel like Tom Cruise.

This is where I will take you to a process that will make your courageous and confident. You will receive a roadmap that you can use at any time to be confident.

1) Uncomfortable is okay

I am always looking for new challenges – Tom Cruise

To be fearless, you must first put yourself in danger. It is important to be bold. If you remain in your comfort zone, then you will not get anywhere.

Take Tom Cruise as an example. He is brave when he’s filming a movie.

The only thing that makes them different is Tom Cruiseloves to push his limits. He loves being challenged and trying new things.

He has been hurt so many times but he doesn’t give up.

Next time you find yourself in a difficult situation, don’t try to turn your back. Instead, face it.

2) Be bold in your decisions

Nobody can know the future.

Ronaldo attempted a bike kick without knowing if he would score. This one kick was one of his most memorable. By following his heart and being bold, he made history.

Ronaldo was bold in taking action. He didn’t worry about what if he missed, he did what he believed was right.

We are often unsure about what the future holds, so people who have no fear in these situations will do whatever is necessary.

If something does go wrong, they will just say “I don’t care” and that is all you have to do.

You can have it if you want it. Take risks.

3) Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

You will become more confident the more mistakes you make.

Micheal Jord was the greatest ever basketball player in history. He admits that his success came from making mistakes over and again.

He wasn’t afraid to make mistakes and he chose basketball as his career.

Micheal was beaten by his team in college. He went into the room and cried but didn’t leave to go get a job or quit basketball.

In my career, I’ve missed over 9000 shots and lost nearly 300 games. 26 times, I was trusted to make the game-winning shot. I failed. I’ve been failing over and over again, and that is what makes me succeed. Micheal Jordan

His courage and boldness made him the most beloved athlete in the world. He wasn’t afraid to make mistakes.

You will make mistakes when you try something new, or if you’re trying something completely different. You must make mistakes if you want to be different from the rest.

Making mistakes in life will teach you valuable lessons. You’ll automatically be more confident because you will be criticized and blamed for your mistakes. This is where confidence is found.

4) Take Control

What is the most embarrassing thing you have done? The most embarrassing thing is when you shake your head.

If I speak to someone and my voice shakes, it makes me feel very nervous and embarrassed.

Amy Arnsten studies prefrontal cortex function and limbic system arousal. In an interview she did at Yale, she summarized the importance and control of the brain’s sense of control. TThe loss of prefrontal function is only when we feel out-of-control. The prefrontal cortex is what determines whether we feel in control. Our cognitive functions are maintained even if we believe we are in control.” This perception is a key driver of behavior.

This is because if you act confidently and as though you have control, you’ll be a lot more confident. It is true what they say.

Fake it until you make it.

Don Draper is the best example. He takes a long pause after responding to someone. This shows that I am in control. Your words are not my control. It’s me who decides what will happen.

Talking to others while you pause is a signal that you aren’t afraid to make your own decisions. If you respond abruptly, you look anxious and controlled.

5) Face Your Fears and Take Action

All other tips aside, if you face your fears and take action, there is no need for advice.

Fearlessness is about being able to face your fears, do what you’re scared of, and be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

I felt like someone was shooting at me when I gave a speech in school.

It’s perfectly normal, it’s how you build courage. Just face it and move on.

Nick Vujicic is an excellent example. He has no limbs which means he can’t use his hands or feet. He is capable of inspiring millions in spite of his miserable situation.

He can talk to millions of people and doesn’t care about what others think of him.

He was most insecure about his appearance. As a child, his classmates made fun of him. He was constantly embarrassed about his body.

He overcame all of these challenges bravely. Now he makes fun of himself in front a large crowd and it doesn’t bother him.

The key to fearlessness is facing your fears.

6) Believe in Yourself

If you want to be bold and courageous, you have to believe in yourself.

Elon Musk claimed that he would send people to Mars when he said so. He was ridiculed by everyone. He was the only one who believed in his idea.

It looked impossible to me, but it was possible. Logically, that was impossible. Why would people want to go to Mars? It’s also extremely expensive.

He made this courageous decision because he believed in himself.

He failed the first time.

Second attempt, again unsuccessful

It was again unsuccessful on the third attempt.

He even sold his house to fund his project. He wasn’t going to give up. He knew he would be successful.

He was successful on his fourth attempt. It was all about believing.

You will be a tremendously courageous person if you believe in yourself.

7) Take risks

An old IQ test required you to draw five lines using a pencil. It was impossible to complete it if you didn’t go outside the box. –Denzel Washington

Fearless people are known for taking chances.

There is no such thing as certainty. You must take risks and choose between two options. You will be average all your life if you keep it safe.

Courageous and brave people don’t hesitate to try new things. They are open to trying things that haven’t been done before and that is what makes them unique.

Bill Gates chose to leave college to work on his ideas. It was a risk. What if it failed? What if he lost his job?

He believed in himself, and he took the chance. He worked tirelessly to realize his dreams.

You know what? He was the world’s wealthiest person. He took risks and was not like other students who prefer to work in big companies.

If you have to take chances next time, don’t be afraid.

8) Learn from Fearless People

A mentor sees more potential in you than you do and helps you realize it.Bob Proctor

You will be more inspired by brave and courageous people if you are more exposed to them. You will learn to adapt to their lifestyles and become like them.

Not only can you learn how to be bold in theory, but also through practical stories. You will need to see and read about people who are truly fearless.

Keep your mentors close because they can offer decades of experience in a matter of minutes.

Last words

It is an incredible feeling to be fearless. Fearlessness is not possible, but it is possible to reduce your fear and even overcome it.

You can take bold steps and become comfortable in uncomfortable situations by taking a bold step.

Let me end by saying, “Be strong,” “Believe in yourself”, and “Keep learning.” You will achieve what you want.