Ever been in a room with someone who was so in love and connected that you felt jealous? Perhaps you were wondering why your relationship wasn’t as fun or easy as theirs. Don’t let this fool you! You can only make a relationship satisfying if it is worth your effort and time. There is no perfect couple. There are some key elements to a healthy relationship you can follow.

We know what it takes to create a wonderful relationship. These are our top five tips to help you build a happy and strong marriage.

Spend time together regularly

It is vital to spend time with your partner. It is proven to increase marital happiness and reduce stress between partners. It is essential for a healthy and happy relationship.

Couple time is a great way to strengthen your marriage and make it less likely to end in divorce.

A study on the importance of having a regular date night found that couples who do this regularly have greater levels of satisfaction in their relationships.

According to the study, “couple time can lead to better quality relationships at least partially by encouraging higher levels of communication and  satisfaction among modern couples.”

Spending time with your partner allows you to strengthen your relationship and have fun. Don’t forget the importance friendship and laughter for a happy marriage.

Research shows that laughter can improve both physical and mental health in couples. Study results showed that people who laugh less often had a higher risk of developing heart disease than those who laugh regularly.

It has been proven that laughter can make couples happier and more supportive in their relationships.

Communicate regularly

Did you know that the old saying “Never go back to bed angry” was popular? This age-old saying may have some merit. Research shows that people who get angry at others force their brains to resist negative emotions more than those who let go.

Are you addicted your cell phone? You are not the only one. According to surveys, 85% smartphone owners check their phones while talking to family members.

Lower relationship satisfaction has been shown to be possible by ignoring your partner and opting for your phone.

Learning to listen is a key component of good communication. You might need to put your phone down.

It makes your spouse feel valued and loved by giving you your full attention. This is also a sign that you are a good listener.

You can prevent problems spiraling out of control by communicating openly with your spouse. Instead of trying to win an argument, you learn how to work together to solve disagreements.

Do not forget who you are

A healthy relationship requires you to maintain your personal identity. Don’t lose touch with your self-worth.

Your personality, goals and excitement over your hobbies are what made your spouse fall for you.

Keep in touch with your friends and make time for hobbies, relaxation, mental health, and friendships.

Be respectful of each other

In a healthy relationship, love and respect must go hand-in-hand. Although partners may not agree on everything, they should respect each other’s opinions, feelings and boundaries.

Showing mutual respect can be done by:

  • When you speak, give your partner your full attention
  • When you are having an argument, don’t resort to name-calling and hurtful remarks
  • Talking calmly about a problem
  • Being honest and open
  • Respect your partner’s family, friends, and social engagements.
  • Do not touch your partner in any way that could be considered physically hazardous
  • Respecting  boundaries
  • Do not speak rudely to your partner or reveal their secrets to anyone

Your partner’s success and achievements can show that you value them. Be joyful, not jealous or judgmental!

Studies have shown that couples who share success stories together have a stronger relationship than those who do not.

It makes a partner feel respected and comfortable in your presence. It increases trust and loves.

It takes effort to build a great relationship. You cultivate it by spending quality time together and communicating frequently.

A strong marriage requires you to maintain your personal identity. These five tips will help you get a happy and healthy marriage.